Coffee for President!

Coffee for President!

So… if you know me (Tari/Honey) by now - or if you follow our posts - you’ll know that I love coffee. Thick, black and strong. Coffee when I wake up. Coffee for first breakfast. Coffee for second breakfast after the gym. Midday coffee to jumpstart my heart-brain. Coffee after dinner because why not?  

Coffee is basically the fuel that ignites & rejuvenates my hypothetical mental oven daily. It's reliable, the same everyday, doesn't suddenly raise prices or impose tariffs on you, and most importantly, coffee is always there for you. Coffee for President! Too much? I digress. 

So it's only natural that coffee would sneak into a few of our flavours for the month. And based on how y’all liked the last "latte" cupcake we did, we thought to bring you one more! 

It’s our butter cake that we all know and love, amped up with real coconut flakes. Baked to golden, fluffy perfection, and filled with creamy vanilla bean pastry cream. Frosted with espresso buttercream (OMG) and drizzled with salted caramel. Topped with blondie bites and sweet coconut flakes. 

Hint: it goes really well with… wait for it…. a cup of coffee! (Or tea :D) 

I hope you like it …. enjoy!

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