Not everyday cupcake...

Not everyday cupcake...

Not everyday cupcake...someday's, green smoothies. 
Because #fitfam. 

OK.. seriously....

At Honey's, we strongly believe in balance. 
So, yes, we love sweet treats - shoot, this is an online bakery after all.
But the real reason we can indulge in the sweet things in life when we want is because we live a pretty healthy lifestyle on a regular basis. 

So we thought to share one of Honey's favorite smoothies with you. 
It's very simple, yet delicious - as most 3-ingredient recipes tend to be. 

Honey's Fave Green Smoothie

Quantities used depends on the flavor profile you want more pronounced. 
We used equal amounts here
You will need: 

Baby spinach
Chopped pineapples
Banana (ripe enough to eat, but not spotted/overripe)
Water/ice/fresh pineapple juice (optional)

Here's what you do: 

1. Prep your fruit by washing leaves and chopping banana and pineapple
2. Pop all in a smoothie maker/blender
3. Typically, we like the pineapple against the blade as this liquifies and helps with the blending process
4. Blitz
5. Add some water (or ice or juice) if you want a more liquid smoothie
Done!!!  ❤ ❤ ❤ 

To make and enjoy one every morning, we typically prep the ingredients and freeze in individual ziploc bags. 

It's a perfectly healthy pick-me-up or breakfast. 
And trust us when we say this is delicious - we make cupcakes for a living! 

So, not everyday cupcake...somedays, green smoothies and fitfam living too.  

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